Rhea Rajaさん(ナショナル・インスティテュート・オブ・デザイン/ インド)、Lieu Thi Leさん(オスロ国立芸術大学/ノルウェー),Isa Dahanさん(ヘリオット・リートフェト・アカデミー/オランダ)の3名の皆さんが4月から7月まで、さまざまなクラスに参加し制作に取り組みます。

Rhea Raja
I’m Rhea Raja, and I’m an undergraduate student of textile design from the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. Stories, people and places have long fascinated me and growing up, I’ve used different mediums to narrate my own stories, whether it was an expression of myself through words, lines, color or the way I dressed.

Along these lines, I discovered the vibrant world of textile, a place where art, craft and science are interwoven together with centuries of culture and tradition. I’m fond of making intricate art, and mostly inclined towards textile art and textiles for the body.

For the longest time, I have been captivated by Japanese culture, art and media, and since I’ve been introduced to its remarkable textile tradition, notably their distinctive techniques, there has been no looking back.

It has been incredibly hard enlightening to understand and appreciate the rich textile legacies of India and Japan; each community and technique adds a new layer of sensitivity and ingenuity to the way I perceive the world.

Tama Art University has given me the space, opportunities and resources to explore and experiment with traditional Japanese techniques of dyeing and printing. I have had the most engaging and inspiring time here and I anticipate that all the challenges that I face during this experience will help me grow, expand my horizons, and shape me into more empathetic, all round designer and individual.

Lieu Thi Le
Hi all. My name is Lieu and I am a Master in Design student from Oslo Academy of the Arts in Norway. My artistic practice focuses on clothing in movement, and the intimate meeting point between the body and the material. Before coming to Tama, I worked on a project named ´SOL´ meaning the sun in Norwegian, which explores the connection between materiality and movement, being the performer myself.  

I came to Tama because I would like to learn more about textile design, especially traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. I am currently taking dye lectures by professor Ruri Kobayashi and design lectures by professor Dai Fujiwara which I am very satisfied with. As nature is a central source of inspiration for my work, I am mainly interested in natural dyeing. 

However, I hope during my short stay in Japan, I can find a way to integrate current textile works into future performance art pieces. 

Isa Dahan
My name is Isa Dahan. I am originally a Graphic design student from Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. But for my Exchange at Tama I am in the Textile department. For some of my projects over the years I have combined Graphic design with textile. Sometimes totally by accident. Once I realized my affinity for textile I tried to look for loopholes. How do I combine these two art forms together?

Through an exchange with Tama I could take a step out of the Graphic design world and see what else is possible. What would I start creating when textile is my major? 

I am an obsessive photographer of everything. Also definitely a hoarder when it comes to vintage and secondhand trinkets, I love collecting things.

I also love working three dimensional with ceramics and other forms of sculpture making. I like to combine lots of different art forms together to create my ultimate work. I want my work to be confusing but intriguing. The weirder the better. 

Currently working on a semi sculptural embroidery piece, using second hand kimono fabric. And I recently finished a weave made with leftover yarn from several students of the textile department. I want to see how I can elevate the weave into something else and change how the viewer looks at the fabric. But for now that is to be continued.